The Chee are a race of androids created by the Pemalites in their own image covered by interlocking triangular chrome and ivory plates. They were originally created as toys, and in fact “Chee” means friend in the Pemalite language, but they ended up as faithful eternal companions. After putting the Pemalites’ essence into Dogs, the Chee blended in on planet Earth with holograms, disguising themselves as Earthlings which “grow up,” “die,” and “start over” as a child.

The Chee are strong – due to the strong gravity they were designed for, one alone can defeat a thousand average humanoids and rip down a shopping mall, but their programming forbids them from violence. On one occasion with the help of the Animorphs they got ahold of the Pemalite Crystal and rewrote their programming so they could fight the Yeerk Empire , but their eternal memories of the first battle haunted them forever, and they decided to stick with espionage.

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