The Coalition of Civilized Worlds is a Milky Way galaxy-based alliance of nonviolent, technologically advanced planets and their dominant races. The Coalition controls access to the Starry Doors, which is granted only to member worlds. Employees known as Wentars administer or deny access as well as keeping an eye on member races to ensure security.

The Coalition made the mistake of allowing Flinduvia to become a member world and quickly instigated a policy of only allowing ten of each species through the Starry Doors per day, hoping to thwart the Flinduvians from using them to invade and conquer other worlds. However, the Flinduvians plotted to get around this by bringing corpses through to planet Earth and then re-animating them with Earthling ghosts. When informed of this plot by a Wentar, the Coalition imposed a quarantine on Flinduvia.

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