The Dapsen Lumber Company was a scheme by the Yeerks to destroy the foest in which Ax and Tobias were hiding. It was named for an extremely rude Yeerkish word, reflecting the mood that the Yeerks were in after dealing with the Animorphs so many times.

Three people voted on whether they could begin logging or not. One, a Controller, voted yes; another voted no, and a third came to investigate. Visser Three intended to infest him but failed when the Animorphs intervened. After being sprayed by Cassie in skunk morph, Visser Three released them in exchange for a juice to get rid of the smell, but Ax gave him grape juice instead of tomato and turned his fur a lovely shade of purple.

(Blank) voted definite no, and the Dapsen Lumber Company failed miserably.

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