Eugene Cringe was a Weaponry and Secret Gadget Technician on planet Shmul under the P'Pau'D'P'Pau regime who worked to develop the Transatron. He was madly in love with the dictator's daughter Ruthless but could not speak to her on account of their differences in social standing, and eagerly agreed to help Jack T. Ladd break into the laboratory in exchange for delivering a love note to her. He hoped that when she saw his witty prose and romantic grammar she would want to meet the progenitor of such profound words and thoughts.

Cringe betrayed Jack, but was in turn betrayed when he went to Ruthie's bedroom and found Jack's friend Narm N'Palm dressed in drag. He went home disappointed and was disappointed once more when, while drowning his sorrows in alcohol, the police dragged him away because Jack had told them he was leader of a spy ring.

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