Gary Sam was the proprietor and bartender of Sam's Bar in the Badside on Tayte and the inventor of the infamous drink Gary's Gutrot. Following a shootout between the Garibaldi Twins and two Syndicate thugs in his bar, Sam shot the surviving twin and destroyed his body with acid as retribution for damaging the Loopy Juice sign to read "Loo Juice". He was run out of town by the police for keeping a disorderly house.

Sam managed to find work as a bartender aboard a luxury cruise liner traveling to planet Shmul, but on his shift passenger Jack T. Ladd got drunk, threw up all over the place and started several fights. Sam was fired and grew very bitter towards Ladd, whom he recognized from his bar back on Tayte during the shootout. Upon reaching the planet he was able to find work as a bartender for a third time, as the previous one had been dismembered for treason by the P'Pau'D'P'Pau regime. Much to his alarm, here he encountered Ladd once again, but this time he was unaffected by the proceedings.

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