Gothtek was a massive corporation, founded by the Gothington family, which aimed to become the most powerful in the universe. After crushing its competitors through underhanded means, its growth exploded. It met its need for raw materials by clearing entire planets of vegetation, sucking their resources dry, and leaving them for dead. Sometimes entire moons ceased to exist as their outer crusts and inner cores were carted off for construction projects in distant galaxies.

After a while people came to realize that having cheap goods available didn't really justify this sort of behavior, and began protesting. Gothtek ignored them even as protests became louder and more insistent. Eventually, faced with no other alternative, boycotts were organized. On some planets people went back to traveling on foot just to avoid purchasing Gothtek vehicles. This, too, was laughed off, until one year, a decade after the initial protests, when the boycotts grew large enough that Gothtek posted a loss for the first time in its history.

A chief executive officer named Kimbir Kriznik, desperate to reform the company's image before it was too late, headed a project to "re-beautify" planet Nostoram by removing all settlers and buildings and turning it into an interplanetary nature preserve. While the project was still in its early stages, however, the company's owner Mr. Gothington finalized the sale of Gothtek to rival company Rathkorp, into which it was absorbed.

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