The Hemminites are a Smoovian tribe from planet Smoo. They are named for their devotion to The Hemmin Spotter, an ancient work of great literature. Mordloff is their current chieftain. They live in a fortress on the back of a humongous reptilian beast which carries them throughout the land and once a year they undertake a pilgrimmage to the Amniola Shrine, where the last chapter of The Hemmin Spotter used to be buried. Here one would be chosen to recite the book in its entirety, but it was forbidden to retrieve or read the last chapter.

The Hemminites fight with an impressive array of weaponry such as whirling blades and barrels of scalding oil. This, combined with their vantage point inside a fortress atop a humongous beast, allows them to make short work of attackers such as the Churklugs who hate their guts.

The Hemminites intercepted Gwum and Beeba on their own quest for the Amniola, and accepted them as guests when the latter demonstrated his knowledge of The Hemmin Spotter. When Beeba dug up the Amniola and attempted to read it, they threatened Gwum's life to force him to hand it over, and then arbitrarily decided that once the last chapter had been desecrated it had to be destroyed. Mordloff allowed the two to escape with their lives but the Hemminites were ticked off and wanted to string them up by their intestines.

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