The starship Jaded Jewel was carved by the very forces that created the Dimension of Doom in the beginning of time. She possesses a conscience, created neither by an organic brain or computer, and the ability to speak. The Jewel has had a history of allowing tyrants to house their armies within her diamond bowels, only to knock them out with a mysterious power and jettison them into space with the power to make her walls disappear.

Her name was christened by the infamous Milga the Malevolent, who raided several planets, killing thousands, stealing thousands, and retreating to the ship before he could be mauled by thousands. He was cornered by an alliance of planetary fleets but had somehow secured as hostage a young boy known as Khyrle P’piks. Then, in their very presence, the Jaded Jewel jettisoned Milga into space.

Rumors became rampant about the ship. She had warped away before anyone could catch her, with Khyrle inside. Sybex and the Thone were seeking a flagship for their fleet and came across her. She kept them safe during countless space battles. Originally, Semtor had stopped her from letting them destroy the Aquoids by convincing her of the futility of bloodshed and talking her into faking a total systems malfunction.

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