The Jairs are a humanoid race from planet Boda. They are a little taller than Humans but more slender and graceful, with soft gray fur over their bodies and a white ruff around their heads. Their faces are Cat-whiskered and have enormous purple eyes. Their garments are usually close-fitting and humble in design.

The Jairs are organized into a republic, with a parliament hearing the voices of everyone on the planet. Their folklore is largely based on the fact that they know only the smallest portion of the universe and that there are older and stronger races existing beyond their maps, which makes them way more humble than most races ever are prior to being invaded for the first time.

The Wersgor Empire had no interest in the Jairs' homeworld, but nonetheless it prevented them from acquiring more colonies and forced them into grossly unfavorable trade agreements. They were persuaded by Sir Roger de Tourneville and their ambassador Beljad sor Van to join the crusade that ended its reign.