The Lacoonian System is an experiment in civilization for both life forms and artificial intelligence and comprises several galaxies and thousands of planets. It is headquartered on planet Lacoos and ruled by a Lacoonian Congress composed of delegates from many of the member worlds. The Lacoonian System Rapid Force maintains order and stability.

The Lacoonian System has denied membership to dying civilizations or worlds with greater potential for evil than good. These planets banded together under the leadership of a negative life force known only as the Evil Power Master. Under his leadership, multiple terrorist attacks within the Lacoonian System set off the Purple Days War which, although brief, killed many beings. The Evil Power Master was defeated but not destroyed.

The Evil Power Master later developed the capability of destroying planets and destroyed Haemog and Arouth as a demonstration of his power. He demanded the unconditional surrender of the Lacoonian System within three days or else he would destroy Earth, Marzina, and a third planet of his choosing. The Lacoonian Congress was thrown into chaos and nearly anarchy. However, he was captured before his threats could be realized.