The Pemalites were an ancient, intelligent, and friendly race resembling Dogs on their hind legs, who were capable of faster-than-light travel a hundred thousand years before the Andalites could make fire. They lived a peaceful, war-free existence on their home planet with their androids, the Chee, until the Howlers suddenly attacked and practically wiped them out. The survivors escaped through Zero-space, but the Howlers unleashed a germ weapon and made them all fatally ill.

They arrived on planet Earth with just six Pemalites clinging to life. The Chee could do nothing to save their masters, but they rescued their souls and grafted them into Earth Dogs, who resembled them the most. Now Earth Dogs are just big goofs who preserve their essence by leading playful, carefree, pure happy lives. When you see a Dog playing, chasing a stick, or running around barking for the sheer joy of life, you see the last remnants of the Pemalite race.

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