Robot Randy is both a mechanical being and a superweapon created by the Scriptorians to destroy an asteroid that endangered their planet, Scriptorium. Due to the lack of a jump crystal to focus the weapon's energy, Randy instead destroyed the city they were in, creating the Rusted Wastes, where he was unceremoniously dumped as the Scriptorians left for their castle. Here he remained, developing a series of nervous twitches and nearly losing functionality in his legs.

When Zita, Pizzicato and HAMBO One encountered him on their trek to the castle, he enthusiastically joined them on their quest, reasoning that he could control the weapon within him and not endanger them. Zita fixed him up with a set of wheels to replace his defunct legs. Upon reaching the castle they were attacked and he was severely damaged by HAMBO Eight, but Pizzicato coerced several small scavenger species into repairing him.

Sneaking into the castle with the others, Randy followed Zita to where her friend Joseph was held captive, hoping to rescue him. However, he was ambushed and knocked down by the Screed mercenary that had captured the young boy to begin with. As he watched it try to overpower her, he grew very angry and unwittingly activated the weapon within him, which he had no way of turning off. Zita managed to insert her own jump crystal in time to focus the energy towards the incoming asteroid just before it was too late.

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