Sensitrons are smallish green boxes that stimulate the pleasure centers of the humanoid brain. They are extremely dangerous and illegal in most of the universe, as they have been known to destroy three-quarters of an individual’s brain cells within seconds. Sensitrons were invented by Zorian Engineering so that no one would ever have an unsuccessful party again. Preliminary studies revealed their side effects, but the slimy Zorians wanted nothing to stand between them and their colossal profits and were too lazy to fix them, so they put that in the microscopically fine print and shipped them out anyway. This led to an extensive lawsuit which culminated in the devices being outlawed.

Michael Peterson and 2-Tor happened across one in the Cosmic Funhouse. It was being used by Darkon Graj to perform experiments on clones that had been made from previous visitors. Mike was hypnotized by the Sensitron. However, 2-Tor managed to destroy it before it permanently damaged him.

Zorian Engineering was later contracted by private client Ugthor to make an exclusive deluxe version, known as the Dark Sensitron, which made people extremely angry and uncouth instead.

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