Ulysses S. Jones was a smuggler, gambler, and Han Solo wannabe type of guy. He really turned Luna City upside-down since the day he jumped ship and stole Astrid Sullinger’s heart. He has had heroic missions, such as thwarting Two World Shipping’s gunrunning operation, but his motivation is usually to stay out of jail. Likewise, a friendship with Johnny Falcon has put him in dangerous situations, like a shortcut past Sol to get machine parts to Mars, or carrying explosive rocket fuel to Station Galileo. But Ulysses S. Jones always comes through, and at this rate he may actually have lived to be thirty.

During Moonquake Pluta, he gallantly carried his fiancé Astrid through the hallways of Hotel Copernicus to save her from the wreckage. Unfortunately, his luck finally ran out mere seconds before the quake was over, and he was pinned by a boulder, barely having time to throw Astrid out of the way. Ulysses watched in horror as another boulder fell on her anyway. In a fit of adrenaline he wrenched himself free, but was too late to save her. His last action was to fashion a coffin for her from the wreckage and bury it in the rubble with a plaque taken from a dead Guard. Afterwards, though he refused to commit suicide, he also refused to eat or drink. He was nearly dead already by the time the Hotel collapsed and sealed him in forever.

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