Vegians are the sentient plant life of planet Veg in the Dimension of Doom.  Though technically all the same species, they have several intensely varying breeds, much like Dogs. They live in seclusion from the primitive Vegian molds they are descended from, and build tall towers to avoid the devolvium-infested mist.  Several are carnivorous and have evolved faces. As they continued to grow in intelligence they developed lungs due to the ever-pressing need, felt among many sentient beings, to communicate.  They were apparently too lazy to develop telepathy.

The Vegians called the crew of the Nebula in Dimension Q to be their friends.  However, when Mike Peterson and 2-Tor arrived investigating, they were appalled at how ugly the visitors were and, believing them to be monsters, ordered them to go home.  Mike ignored the warning and taught them all that beauty is only skin deep and started a friendship between their dimensions.  Awww.

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