The Wersgor Empire was an interstellar empire based on planet Wersgorixan and run by the Wersgorix. It was begun due to the Wersgorix's desire for elbow room, which they fulfilled by conquering habitable planets and settling them with a few million Wersgorix each. If a usable planet had intelligent slaves, these were either exterminated or enslaved, and with their weapons confiscated the slaves had little hope of revolting against their relatively small number of masters.

At its peak the Wersgor Empire filled a rough sphere in space about two thousand light-years across, including millions of stars and their worlds. Most of these worlds, because of poisonous air or poisonous life forms or nothing good on television, were useless to the Wersgorix and ignored. The Empire allowed the Jairs of Boda, the Ashenkoghli of Ashenk, and the Pr?*tans of Pr?*t to traffic and keep a small number of colonies within that space, but would not allow them to continue expanding and planned to destroy them as soon as it was convenient.

The Wersgor Empire's downfall began in AD 1345 with the arrival of Roger de Tourneville and several Earthlings in the captured Scoutship 587-Zin on planet Tharixan, one of the Empire's perimeter holdings. After they destroyed the fortresses Ganturath and Stularax and captured Darova, a fleet was mobilized from Wersgorixan to quell the rebellion. In the meantime however, Roger formed an alliance with the aforementioned oppressed races and began a crusade of liberating captured planets and implementing the feudal system on them. Before long the Empire's power was broken forever.