The Wikkit Gate is a symbol consisting of the Golden and Silver Bails, which are supported by the Steel, Plastic, and Wooden Pillars. Sitting on top of the Bails are often naked or scantily clad angels. Each piece has its own symbolic meaning and taken together they commemorate the lives destroyed during the savagery of the Krikkit Wars.

This Gate was the Key to planet Krikkit’s Slo-Time Envelope, but when a missing (presumed destroyed) Krikkit warship reappeared and attacked shortly after it was sealed, the ship and the Key were both blasted into the ever-whirling eddies of the space-time continuum, seemingly trapping the Krikkiters forever. However, Slartibartfast later noticed that five pieces of space-time jetsam corresponding to the pieces of the Key had appeared, and he went on a mission to keep them from the Krikkit Droids. The plan failed, and the Wikkit Gate was used to unlock the Slo-Time Envelope.

Replicas of the Key, hand-tooled by skilled craftsmen and lovingly assembled into mementos you will be proud to own, are available for purchase in memory of those who died to defend the Milky Way galaxy.

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