Zyte Crystals are crystals named for Zyte, the mythical moon of light where they are most commonly found. They were also available on planet Roton, in numbers smaller yet sufficient that the settlers decided to make them the fuel for their robots. Typically of such settlers, they did not think ahead to the future and assumed they would last forever.

This worked for generations, but eventually there were too few crystals and too many robots. A large percentage of the population was constantly scouring the cosmos for more crystals while many of the rest worked on alternative fuel sources.

Eventually, however, a robot named Nova inadvertently crashed his stolen Glax Cruiser into Zyte itself, where he found his missing father. Ironically they both remained oblivious of his discovery until they attempted to leave, and discovered the treasure trove of Zyte Crystals beneath the surface where the cruiser had impacted.